Caring For Your Dreamy Lashes

What You Should Know..

When caring for DREAMY LASHES,there are a few things you should know!

*Never use oil based products around lashes (Theses products can damage the quality of the lash.)

*Always cut lash to fit your lash line to ensure a comfortable fit. 

*Always clean glue residue off lashes before/after each use to ensure lashes are fresh and ready for their next use.  

*Be sure to always brush out lashes to ensure they are free of lint and dust. 

*Using your mascara before false lashes are applied will help to blend the two together.  

Also, simply blending natural lashes and DaiiDream lashes together to key to a perfect application.  To do this, use a spooly to brush them together.  


Before Dreamy Lash Application


Putting on Your Daii.Dream Lashesss

Check out this great video by MAKEUP GURU and YOUTUBER @facebymyy doing an everyday look using her DaiiDream dreamy lashes.  She is using "Fly Girl" Mink Lashes and "Lash Snatcher" Tweezers!

Bright and Beautiful Artistry With Daii Dream Lashessssssss

Check out this great step by step tutorial  by MAKEUP GURU and YOUTUBER Jazzy J aka @daamjazzy  using Dreamy Lashes and Glitter!! 


Clean Your Lashes

 Clean lashes before application and after taking them off. This will give your fabulous lashes longevity. Remember, with proper care lashes can last between 20-30 days. 

Cut Your Lashes To Fit

 All DaiiDream lashes are crafted to fit the average size eyelid. However, lashes should  be cut it fit your size lid.  

Finding Your Lifestyle Lash

 Every lash is not meant for everyone. Each lash is crafted with a certain kind if individual and personality in mind. 

Health Application & Health


Lash application requires the correct and proper placement to ensure that your false eyelashes do not cause any sort of damage to your natural lash. It is recommended that lashes are applied with our “Lash Snatcher” tweezers.

While wearing your false lash, do not rub your eyes.